Butcher Shop in Montreal

Based in Atwater market in Montreal, Boucherie Claude et Henri has a wide choice of meats.

- COVID 19 - Opening and delivery informations​​

Dear clients,

The shop is now providing a delivery service to respect the government's recommandations, protect yourself and our team from Coronavirus. During this strange days, our mission is to continue to serve and provide you as we always did.

The shop's opening hours have changed : Monday to saturday from 10am to 5pm.

*Days for delivery : Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure you order at least a day before delivery.

*Amount : $80 minimum, delivery fees $10. No fees charged from $150.

Thank you for the trust and fidelity you put in us. Stay safe and don't forget to have fun !

Our variety of meat includes veal, beef, lamb, pork, poultry and game.

A selection of quality produce

With 20 years of experience in agriculture and butchery, we offer quality produce carefully selected by our Master Butcher. We have a wide selection of red and white meats such as veal, beef, lamb, pork, poultry and game.

We also sell quality cold cuts, homemade sausages (preservative and gluten free) and fresh duck foie gras.

Providing tasty and healthy meat

Butcher montreal marche atwater griffintown

Order meat for any event!

Butcher montreal marche atwater griffintown

Experienced Butchers

The quality and freshness of our products stand witness to our passion and experience in the field. Using the French meat cutting technique, we work with finesse so as to deliver tender and tasty products. We will help you choose the right piece of meat according to your preparation and recipe. 

Choosing us means opting for the freshness and unequalled taste of our meat. We have a range of special preparation for your summer barbecues and skewers. Visit us!

Choose freshness and unequalled taste

What sets us apart?

Our specialties

Homemade sausages, marinades and foie gras

Cuts of beef

We master French meat cutting techniques.

Leading supplier

We are farmers and producers without middle men


We will not fail to advise you on the choice of meat that suits your recipe.