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Game Meat Supplier, Montréal

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Selling of a Wide Range of Game Meat in Montréal

Located at Atwater market in Griffintown (Montréal), Boucherie Claude et Henri supplies a wide range of game meat, including a beautiful selection of bison, wild boar, deer and elk.

Trust us to bring you the best products, be it in terms of taste or nutritional property.

Whatever the event, whether a private or corporate one, you can place your order online.

We supply superior-quality game meat in Montréal.


Game Meat Supplier Montréal

Discover our selection of game meat.

We Offer
  • Red Meat
  • White Meat
  • Game Meat
  • Homemade Sausages
  • Foie Gras
  • Marinades
What Sets Us Apart
  • Healthy and Tasty Meat
  • Fresh, High-Quality Meat
  • Homemade Produce

Boucherie Claude et Henri is based in Atwater market in Griffintown (Montréal).

Carefully Selected Game Meat in Montréal

To satisfy all tastes and cravings, we select only the best pieces.

All our game meat comes from Québec farmers and is carefully selected by our Master Butcher.

Besides, this type of meat represents an excellent choice for those concerned about their diet because of its low fat, high protein and iron contents.

In addition to game, we also sell other tasty meats such as veal, beef, lamb, pork and poultry.

All our game meat comes from Québec farmers.


Game Meat Supplier Atwater

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