Foie Gras Specialist

Boucherie Claude et Henri specializes in the preparation of duck foie gras.

Foie gras, the dish for all festivities

We prepare and sell foie gras at the Atwater market in Griffintown, Montreal. Foie gras meals are especially popular on special occasions such as holidays, birthdays and other celebrations .

Foie gras is eaten raw, half or fully cooked, and can be served with different meats such as game. We lay a lot of emphasis on the quality of our products and your health, that is why we all our produce are without chemicals and only sourced from small local producers.

We sell high quality and fresh meat

We offer :
  • Red meat
  • White meat
  • Homemade sausages
  • Foie gras
  • Marinades
Our guarantees :
  • healthy and tasty meat
  • fresh, high-quality meat
  • homemade produce
Our Locationn
  • We are located at Atwater Market in Montreal.
Foie Gras Specialist montreal marche atwater griffintown

Foie gras prepared according to the rule book

With more than 20 years of experience in the preparation of foie gras, we provide a product that meets the needs and requirements of our customers.

Be it packed or fresh foie gras, we have everything you want. We provide expert advice about the products you need for your complete satisfaction. 

Treat your loved ones to superior quality foie gras dishes

Order in a few clicks.